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Carlson Center is a premier business park that has earned accolades for its mixed-use design. The beautifully landscaped setting of lakes and wetlands complements flexible business space as well as multi-family residential property. Retail shops, restaurants, a healthcare facility and a hotel are architecturally integrated as well, creating an appealing and unique suburban campus.

The 250-acre Carlson Center campus is located just eight miles west of downtown Minneapolis at the intersection of I-494 and I-394. Spanning the border between Minnetonka and Plymouth (two prominent suburbs of the Twin Cities) Carlson Center is near key business districts, desirable residential areas, Lake Minnetonka’s recreational opportunities and a wealth of fine dining and entertainment venues.

Carlson Center properties offer highly functional features and valuable amenities. Each building is designed to meet the unique needs of business tenants and their guests. From comfort and space efficiency to energy management and advanced technology, these buildings demonstrate a rare mixture of form and function.

Natural wetlands, serene lakes and manicured landscaping have been intentionally integrated into the design of the Carlson Center campus. These natural elements are important to the overall vision of the development. In addition to providing picturesque views from the office buildings and acres of habitat for the area’s wildlife, they also serve as a calming backdrop for relaxing walks along Carlson Center’s many paths.

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